Sweat the Small Stuff

The show that celebrates the fickle things we worry about (but shouldn’t), the things affect our everyday lives. Dating; drinking; shopping; snogging; blagging; banging; posing and preening…sure, these things may seem superficial, but for pretty much all of us, they form the very backbone of our day-to-day lives and they’re the details which we really care about.

Hosted by Nick Grimshaw, alongside team captains Kiss FM DJ Melvin and Rochelle ‘The Saturdays’ Hume, Sweat The Small Stuff is a brand new play-along panel game that embraces exactly these kind of topics and is as much informative as it is fun.

Enlightening the viewers with tips and tricks, Sweat The Small Stuff will provide genuine take-home advice which will help guide us all through life.  This is cheeky, affirmative, anecdotal TV that mates will tell each other to watch because it’s completely identifiable – reflecting their world right back at them.