Unzipped is an eye-opening chat show that lifts the lid on what celebrities and the Great British Public really think and really get up to.  Asking all the questions you’re too afraid to ask, are hosts Greg James and Russell Kane.

Unzipped reveals the results of The Unzipped Report, a specially commissioned alternative census that offers a unique and hilarious snapshot of modern Britain.  Uncovering the truth behind everything from our work lives to our sex lives, our moral compass to our biggest fears, expect some eye popping facts.

We’ve already learnt that 44% of people would like to punch their boss, 2% of people admit to only brushing their teeth on special occasions and that 30% of men have a favourite child.

Celebrity guests from Holly Willoughby to Jerry Springer are asked the same questions we’ve put to the nation in The Unzipped Report and by comparing their answers we can for the first time find out whether they’re normal or whether they’re just plain weird.

As well as the type of interviews you simply wouldn’t see anywhere else, there are hilarious games, shocking stunts and slick VTs all exploring how beliefs and behaviours differ across Britain.