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Although at first glance award-winning QI – hosted by Stephen Fry and regular panellist Alan Davies - might appear like any other TV comedy panel game…there is a twist. The questions on QI are so difficult that the panellists almost never get any right. So the host only gives points for interesting answers, regardless of whether they are correct, or even relevant.

As the host, Stephen Fry awards heavy penalties for wrong answers which are also ‘obvious’ such as clichés, misconceptions and ‘common wisdom’ (much of which is taught every day in school but is, in fact, completely untrue.)

The subject matter of QI is unique because it takes as its canvas not familiar material like the news, sport, television and pop music, but the entire universe. However, to reduce the scope of the programme to manageable proportions, all the subjects in the series begin with a particular letter of the alphabet.