Coming in America

Having reached the top of the game in the UK – in his eyes at least – Keith Lemon wants to become famous in America and he’s taking some of his best-known characters along with him for the ride.

Whether it’s becoming a successful Hollywood actor, making a name for himself as a ubiquitous TV personality or his number one wish of hosting his own hit chat US show Keith will do whatever it takes to overcome the odds in the pursuit of fame – after all, if James Corden can do it, then why not Keith?

So Keith – and some of his hilarious alter-egos such as The Urban Fox and The Big Fat Gypsy Kardashians – is off to Los Angeles to try to achieve his dream. Luckily for us he’s allowed a camera crew to record his every move and over the six-part series we’ll share his highs and lows as he seeks success in La-La Land.

Welcome to Keith Lemon: Coming In America.